Ads on wheels

First there were magnetic signs people slapped on their doors.

Then people wrapped cars and trucks with ads. And rail cars.

Then there were those trucks with billboards on the flatbeds.

Now, and this isn’t all that groundbreaking, a Toronto company, Fresh Events, is sticking big-ass LCDs or plasmas on the side of a cube truck and driving around doing the made-ya-look thing.

The Media in Canada newsletter reports: “The truck holds 10 ad faces, and campaigns cost between $1,300-1,500 per day for two spots to a max of $4500 for all ad faces. MVS is able to play digital video content without much modification, saving on production costs for potential advertisers.”

These guys are field and event marketers, so I am going to presume the truck comes out for special campaigns and isn’t just rumbling along the QEW distracting the hell out of already distracted drivers. I don’t much like its chances in our rain and snow.

And if I put the money into this rig, I would want a very large, very cranky dog sitting in the front seat whenever it is unoccupied. With people stealing cars just for a crappy CD player, imagine the attraction of a set of wheels with about $30,000 worth of TV strapped on the sides.

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