A sniff of an idea

One of the many companies whose people I spoke with at GlobalShop was a little one from Mexico that worked with scents. They were interested in ganging screens in store with their scent products. In the blur of all the chats you have at those shows, that conversation pretty much left my head. But now Iam thinking about it.

Companies like Scent Air have little scent blasters that puff out a month's worth of an aroma into a store environment, usually a well-defined area. Now you can imagine how the smell of freshly baked cookies would send people over to a part of a grocery, even if the cookies in the display were all sealed.

But when I think about it, it would be pretty cool to marry LCD displays in POP with an affiliated scent. It's one thing to better explain a product using video and stills, but imagine if you could also get a scent that creates the right "warm fuzzies" happening right at that fabled "moment of truth" when a shopper decides to buy or move on.  

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2 Comments on “A sniff of an idea”

  1. dones Says:

    Any chance you remember the name of the Mexican company that you spoke with? We’re trying to locate a competitor to Scent Air that would provide scents at the point of purchase. Please email the company name to me if you remember it, or just put it here in the comments. Thanks.

  2. Tony Scott Says:

    We are based in New Zealand.

    A local company http://www.openeyedisplays.com have installed screens in a duty free outlet at Auckland airport that spray various scents according to the media being displayed. If you contact Gareth Croy on gcroy@openeyedisplays.co.nz he will be able to give you a background on it.

    I don’t think their website features the technology but it has received press coverage here.

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