Numbers confirm suspicions

Just about anybody truly involved in this space will confirm that the fabled tipping point for digital signage seems to be upon us. Activity seems waaaay ahead of a year ago.

Now there are numbers to confirm what many of us have been seeing on a company by company level.

Display Daily is reporting shipments for large flat panels for public displays and digital signage jumped 44 per cent in the last quarter of 2005.

The numbers are from the research firm Display Search.

Digital signage and public displays are a growth business and the 4Q result, although surprising in itself, is just the start of a long upward climb.  DisplaySearch expects the total market for large – which is 26 inches and larger as DisplaySearch defines it – FPD-based public displays to reach 2.9M units and $3.5B by 2010 (no comparative figures were given for 2005).

Also interesting in the piece is the forecast of LCDs taking the lion's share of the overall business within four years, but plasmas still doing very well in the large formats. 

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