Screens in South Africa

It wouldn't be the first place I'd think of, but digital signage is very active in South Africa.

I have read several pieces about different stabs at things, including big LED boards aimed at mass transit passengers.

One group that's been active for awhile now is Elevator Media Channel, which as the name suggests, does the screens in elevator thing pioneered by my alma mater, the late great Elevator News Network in Canada.

This particular concept seems almost quaint just because it's been around for so long, but companies in several countries are going at it because the elevator media concept is established, passengers really do habitually look at the screens, and media planners "get it" and buy ad time.

The EMC network is in about 20 buildings in South Africa's major centres and its operators hope to be in another 70 by the end of this year.

They do things a little differently than what's happening in North America with companies involved in this space. While Captivate and its competitors run 15 second spots, and have them on a fairly high rotation, EMC's spots run for 30 seconds and play every 30 minutes.

They also have a different take on connectivity – using GPRS cell phone networking to get connectivity to the media player in the elevator.

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One Comment on “Screens in South Africa”

  1. Luvuyo Nxokwana Says:

    I am currently in JHB Gauteng. I am looking forward to getting a company that does the running digital srceens like the ones at the Banks by the tellers. The ones that actually call clients at banks to go to teller number 3 or saw.

    Please contact me via Cell 079 435 3835 / e-mail me.

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