No signs in Vancouver

I am in Vancouver visiting clients, or more accurately, people I want to turn into clients.

This is one of the most progressive, and certainly one of the most beautiful, cities in the world. There is a strong technology sector here. And a very solid creative community.

But aside from some pure ad plays like LED lightboards and elevators, there is virtually no digital signage here. I walked all the way up ultra-hip Robson Street and the only sign of digital signage was a wretched little TV in a single souvenir shop. This on a street crawling with tourists and littered with the world's biggest fashion brands, with very chic stores lining the street.

It's hard to know what to make of that. As an industry, we're either not resonating with the decision-makers for fashion retail, or it's still early, and the big wave is coming. Hope it's the latter.

UPDATE – OK, I was wrong. I tramped around a bit more and did see one installation, at the downtown conference centre  — the one with the big sails for a roof. A series of smaller widescreens, along the centre walkway, makingpeople aware of what meeting was in what room. Nothing too fancy, but functional.

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One Comment on “No signs in Vancouver”

  1. robert brenton Says:

    I have recently relocated from Toronto where I was senior acct exec with a major led screen provider, primarily to major events. I have relocated to Vancouver and I am looking to align myself with an industry leader. I have met with LighTVision and Spectacular Networks but neither appeals to me. I was my former employer’s top producer helping to turn the company public. Any suggestions ?

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