Big screens prices keep dropping

I remember less than 2.5 years ago looking at putting a string of 50 inch displays into a public area, but it was waaaay too stinkin’ expensive to make work in our budgets.

Now it looks like its possible to buy consumer grade plasmas for $2,500 USD … at a Best Buy!

Reports Insight Media:

The most significant impact on the pricing of 50- to 54-inch PDP-TVs for May came from the consumer electronics (CE) retail channel, which in our survey consists of BergerBros, Best Buy, Circuit City, Conns, ElectronicExpress, Electronics Expo, HHGregg, Outpost (Frys) and B&H PhotoVideo. The CE retail channel is one of four channel groups tracked in Insight Media’s HDTV Retailer newsletter each month.

In this channel, average advertised pricing fell by over $250 (7%), and the number of brands and models were numerous enough to be significant. As would be expected, value brand Maxent delivers the least expensive PDP-TV at 50 inches – a $2,465 SKU found at Best Buy. However, third-tier Maxent is not the only brand with a sub-$3K model: LG Electonics’ 50PX1D is advertised for $2.7K, also at Best Buy. As first- and second-tier 50-inch PDP-TVs being sold at major retailers begin to dip below $3K, it is only a matter of time before the majority of 50-inch PDP-TVs are being sold below the $3K mark.

A lot of digital sign networks I’ve seen get a lot of stuff right, but miss the mark because the screens are too small … usually because larger screens were cost-prohibitive. These $2,500 units are not ideal for such networks, but with prices dropping like this, the professional grade monitors that are better designed for retail and ad networks are also going to keep coming down in price.

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One Comment on “Big screens prices keep dropping”

  1. John Wang Says:

    And we would remember the $799 32-inch LCD screens sold at Wal-mart last Christmas. This makes possible a digital signage installation under $2,000 per screen. ROI on such systems can start to show incentives for ones who are still waiting to see.

    Link to a ROI calculator:

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