Wireless power

One of the big speed bumps in getting digital signage sold into retail, particularly down to the shelf level where it can have some real impact, is the lack of available power.

Stores that are now going up tend to run electrical to all the gondolas (shelves) so they have power for lighting, or gadgets or things like LCD screens. But millions of stores don’t have that set up, and getting power there in a tidy fashion would mean cutting a lot of concrete, so you end up instead with conduit pipes or cords dangling from ceilings.

That’s why I get asked all the time if screens and players can run on batteries. Well, yeah, but not for very long, even if the battery is the size of a fridge. There are a few companies peddling this notion, but LCDs suck up a lot of juice.

So I was poking around, seeing if people way, way, way smarter than me are coming up with wireless power solutions. Then I found this and got excited and slightly horrified.

Sadly, though with some relief, I figured out it’s an April Fools thing.

I suspect we’re years away from real wireless power solutions, and this blog walks through some of the thinking on the real thing.

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