Dual use signage

I have long worried that Hamilton, Ontario-based ADSN had no chance of making it in the marketplace because their website and materials were almost completely incomprehensible to anyone but propeller-heads.

A press release issued the other day suggests they’re still kicking, still incomprehensible, but up to some interesting stuff. While just about everyone else is going after mainstream advertising and marketing-based business, these guys are heading down a side road chasing institutional business with companies and/or government agencies that want an information system that also doubles up as as emergency messaging/safety system.

Near inpenetrable statement of that, via a reseller: “In-Store Merchandising Solutions, Inc. announces the industry leading “out of the box, outside the box” plug and play ADSN Dual-Use solution for electronic and digital signage Competitive Buy-Back Offer.

The release goes on to say: “Capitalizing on years of experience in automated building technology and life/safety strategy and tactics, ISMS is the sole provider of Signapse Electronic Exit Signs© directly enmeshed in the building’s sensory nervous system for heat, smoke, fire, intrusion and surveillance. Public spaces including municipal and commercial multi-floor building infrastructure, transit, malls and campus environments can now obtain a visual augmentation to traditional embedded systems that are in full compliance with ADA requirements and operate without controlling or influencing the incumbent technology.” 

Now there are other digital signage systems out there that could take read some external triggering message from another system and play out a file, but it would usually take at least a little development. These guys have made it front and centre in their offer, which is something I’ve not otherwise run into in this business.

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3 Comments on “Dual use signage”

  1. As to your first line – “Fear not believe only”
    You shouldn’t “worry” about what we are doing – you have no idea what we are doing, telling other people with the power that God has given you to “worry” is not at all positive and in our opinion not healthy for you or your readers – had you called us before you wrote this you would have had a better understanding of why we have created our websites the way we have. But instead your assumptions were negative, Queston (define market place? It is a big word and it means different things to different people – it is a big world out there – by the way “propeller-heads” are the people that we work with everyday to make things happen – with out them the corporate heads wouldn’t have anything to make decisions from, so let me ask you who really make the decision? – maybe it’s the people “propeller-heads” that will need to work with the providers for the next 3 – 5 years, or is it the “Bean counters” ?? or do you even know?

    So in my personal opinion (David Bertrand) you need to get your facts straight before talking about companies you have never even spoke to.

    God Bless your Business and the words that you are entrusted to write
    President: David Bertrand

  2. screenmedia Says:

    Well … ummm … hmmm …

    I was actually writing nice things, but stand by suggestion you could friendly-up the marketing pitch for the acronym-impaired …

    So, let’s see … the force be with you!

  3. In a world that is set on using a negative under tone to deliver a message my first assumptions were a little to argumentative.

    My partner read it this afternoon and took it as a compliment – so “I” guess the propeller was spinning a bit to fast this morning.

    My apologies and a thank is in order
    David Bertrand

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