VAR Business looks at this space

VAR Business, a trade publication for technology integrators, has cranked out a piece about the emerging digital signage industry.

It is more of a primer for the unitiated but has some interesting comments and numbers:

Scott Stanton of the Digital Signage Group, out in Washington state, suggests corporate communications is a target-rich sector.

“It’s easier to understand how things get paid for, and it’s an ROI they can communicate,” Stanton says. “I think it’s an easier deal for the VAR, and we see a lot of movement in that area.”

For example, displays in an outbound call center that show metrics such as current caller hold times, number of callers on hold and up-to-the-minute product-inventory information could drive both productivity and sales for end users, Stanton says.

The piece also quotes the market research firm Isuppli about forecasted demand and revenues:

The number of displays and projectors used in retail signage is expected to grow to 1.4 million in 2010 from 342,000 units in 2005. But at the same time, display prices are expected to continue their downward spiral, so total revenue for the retail-signage market is predicted to grow only modestly–from $1.3 billion to $1.4 billion during that same time frame.

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