Wireless Ronin still planning IPO

This from the biz news wires:

Ronin Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has filed a registration statement on Form SB-2 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission relating to a proposed initial public offering of its common stock. Pursuant to the offering, Wireless Ronin expects to offer 4,500,000 shares at a price range between $4.00 and $5.00 per share.

Wireless Ronin provides dynamic digital signage solutions targeting specific retail and service markets through a suite of software applications called RoninCast®.  RoninCast is an enterprise-level content delivery system that manages, schedules and delivers digital content over wireless or wired networks.   

An $18 million raise in an industry that still has a pretty short list of ongoing success stories seems mightily ambitious, but it will be fascinating to see what happens if this actually gets out to the investment community.

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about what this Twin Cities-area firm does — their schtick is that they deliver wirelessly, which anyone can do with wi-fi gear — so I’m a little skeptical about this ever going ahead.  

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One Comment on “Wireless Ronin still planning IPO”

  1. itchy Says:

    wi-fi gear ? I thought they developed software… hmm I guess I will need to do my research.

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