Psst …got any screen covers?

I spent a day last week with clients talking about their new network, which will be imminently launched in some very public spaces. We went out to one of those locations and it was quickly evident that while they’d thought through the location in terms of audience numbers and sightlines, they’d overloooked human nature.

They were planning big widescreen LCDs in very easy reach of the general public. At best, these screens were going to get the living hell beat out of them. At worst, given their location, they’d be gone in a matter of days, relocated to some guy’s basement apartment.

I recommended that they needed at minimum to bolt these displays down with security fasteners and get some sort of protective cover to keep the fragile LCD screen from being scratched and dented.

The hard part was I could not point them in the direction of any companies that build protective overlays for large format displays. I know there are one or two out there, but man they are hard to find on the Internet.

To move things along, they’re now resorting to callind window glass and metal fabricators, looking for a custom solution that will likely cost a bundle and slow things down.

Know of companies building covers? Let me know, pretty please.

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2 Comments on “Psst …got any screen covers?”

  1. maccheesedog Says:

    digital factory

    its enclosures

    ci lumen

  2. Delphi Display Systems builds all-weather, sunlight-readable rugged and vandal resistent LCD displays for outdoor deployments. Delphi has over 15,000 outdoor LCD deployments to date at retailers like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Starbucks. Email for more information.

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