WireSpring bags Wal-Mart Mexico

I remember calling WireSpring three or four years ago asking if their software could be used for digital signage. They were kiosks guys, but were somewhat distinct in that they used an ASP-style model and Linux. They’d had a few calls about

digital signage, but weren’t really in the game yet.

Fast-forward a few years. The company’s FireCast software is being used by Wal-Mex and Televisa in a 5,000 screen, 292 store rollout across Mexico.

Nicely done. There are 21-28 large-screen LCDs per store (plus some IBM touchscreen kiosks) and content is customized by store type, with multiple channels per store including a dedicated channel for the pharmacy in Supercenter locations.

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2 Comments on “WireSpring bags Wal-Mart Mexico”

  1. Josh Coffman Says:

    Like you, I remember contacting WireSprig some time ago trying to get setup with a trial. I think it cost money, but their solution looked solid so I was pretty excited to test it out before finally settling on which platform to use. I remember one of their reps said they had no trials available. Didn’t make sense to me.

    Nonetheless, they have come a long way in a short time.

    I wonder why PRN wasn’t involved in this Wal-Mex project. Of course, business in Mexico is driven by government connections but it seems less efficient to have a separate network from the one in the states.

  2. Dean Bowman Says:

    Way to go guys!!!!!!
    Hell of a job and you give new efforts like ours faith that it can be done.
    We have been working night and day to open up the So. Cal market.
    Any pointers?
    We are seeking funding…

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