Ultra-sharp SED screens on the horizon

Display Daily’s newsletter has a piece about the slow emergence of a technology that will supposedly blow the visual doors off of LCD and plasma displays. Called SED, which is short for Surface-conduction Electon-emitter Display, these displays combine the slim form factor of flat panels with the same sort of process used for good old cathode ray tube (CRT) displays.

The 55-inch model shown publicly for the first time here yesterday includes a 1920 x 1080 display resolution boasting 50,000:1 contrast at 450 cd/m2 brightness at a less than 1ms response time.

Yutaka Sakuraba, SEDs deputy senior general manager for product development and design claims true CRT like performance from the flat panel display; something he said no other display technology can even approach.

Those sorts of specs seem wild, but very exciting.  No word on prices, but they will be high.  And the first ones won’t really be in production until 2008.

The display industry is reportedly skeptical about the success of this technology, and I sure don’t know enough to say anything worthwhile, other than for digital signage, the current crop of LCDs and plasmas look pretty good already. For our business, I suspect price and reliability are much more important than otherworldly sharp, vivid images.

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