Chicago McDonald’s heavies up on signage

Self Service World posted a piece about a south side Chicago McDonald’s manager who has, apparently without corporate involvement, gone at a signage installation in a big way.

The story describes eight tiled screens across the menu board area, using sync’d content that runs across all the monitors, as well as large screens in the sitting areas that can have content changed using SMS text messaging. There’s also a kiosk in the kids’ playzone.

“It’s very difficult for me to measure return on investment,” said the manager. “But it’s very easy for me to go to five stores within 10 minutes of here, and customers there talk about this. 

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2 Comments on “Chicago McDonald’s heavies up on signage”

  1. Fastman Says:

    I fail to see how this delivers a great customer experience.
    When I walk up to these fast food type counters I’m already confused enough trying to focus in on what I should order. Now with an added distraction processing orders may be slightly delayed resulting in longer wait times when I went in there to begin with because it was fast.

    Promotions of certain products may have some benefit though.
    It would be interesting to see the stats on that

  2. Adrian Cotterill Says:

    I like this!!!!

    Very cool!!!

    The McDonalds in the Netherlands have complete digital signage for all menu boards. It works well if the content is kept as the focus and not the technology


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