It’s a start …

The Canadian Digital Signage Association has released a list of those companies that stepped up and cut a cheque to get more formally involved.

There are just 11, and four of those companies involve founders. So it would be a reach to describe the response as wildly enthusiastic. But ya gotta start somewhere. Kudos to a couple of those firms, for whom a membership would be a big budget hit, from what I know.

Reports the CDSA:

Going forward, the new CDSA organizing committee will consist of representatives from the following committed companies:

  • Approved Media Corporation
  • Capital Networks Limited
  • Captivate Network
  • Cinema Stage Inc.
  • Fourth Wall Media
  • Gel Communications
  • Globalive Communications Inc.
  • ONESTOP Media Group
  • PHSN
  • POP Media
  • Wise Broadcasting Network

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday November 20th.
Lacation: 266 King Street West – S300
Time: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

I enjoyed the closing line of the e-mail:

For any who intended to ‘commit’ but missed the deadline, you can simply join us on the 20th. Please bring along your application form and cheque. 

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