CES – Not so Wowed by 3D

Philips was showing off a large format 3D flat panel, with lots of people standing back doing the oooh-aaah thing.

These 3D displays, based on something called WOWvx technology, “are designed to deliver out-of-screen 3D effects without the need for special glasses or filters.”

A not very sharp logo spins and creeps a little bit away from the perceived front of the panel. An airplane does the same thing. I know people get excited about this, but I really don’t see much commercial application.

However, some are suggesting this sort of thing might work well in the casino business, which is all about sizzle. I also read someone suggesting the porn business would find this interesting. 

Instead of a Wow factor, I think there’s more of a Hmmm factor.

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One Comment on “CES – Not so Wowed by 3D”

  1. Fastman Says:

    It’s pretty early for 3D or Stereoscopic displays but they will get better.
    A more realistic sense of depth should be felt when viewing images that have been optimized to take advantage of this. A spinning Logo is not the best way to demonstrate.

    Bleeding edge gamers would eat this up if it enhances their world the slightest and that’s where some of the commercial units have been targeted. There are also serious apps for Medical, Mil, Education, Entertainment, CAD and Simulation that will follow. Sharp has also released a number of new products in this area.

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