Guerilla signage on building walls

A Toronto digital signage/outdoor player has come up with an interesting way to deal with the capex and rights issues involved in putting big digital signs on buildings.

Rather than dropping BIG money on LED screens and going through all the pain to get permission, they are using LCD projection technology and mounting the gear on the top of vehicles – rolling up once it gets dark and turning on the show. It is sort of guerilla marketing, but presumably the building operators have signed off and are getting a piece of the action.

Reports Media in Canada:

The newest high-tech wrinkle Toronto’s Optiadmedia is using to deliver marketers’ messages is virtual billboards, which exec Michael Dellios describes as “mobile projection capable of full-motion video, flash animation, still images and live-feed video.” First to give this a whirl is Palm, which used the technology to reach business professionals during a three-week campaign in Toronto late last month.

Dellios tells MiC the client was so pleased with the estimated 88,000 impressions garnered during the campaign that they’ll be repeating the exercise for a four-week period beginning late this month, with tweaked creative.

Timed for when most office workers knock off for the day, the initiative took place on 11 week-day evenings in late December and illuminated 15 of the busiest locations in Toronto’s business district. Optiadmedia staff drove a vehicle with roof-mounted equipment to prominent office buildings and then – using recently perfected improvements to its formerly static projection capability – threw Palm’s message and logo onto the facades.

With creative from Young & Rubicam’s Toronto shop, the messaging featured an animated arrow pointing to a window with text saying “Spend less time in here” – the implication being that using Palm devices allows people to work from anywhere.

The story goes on to say the firm is also now toying with Bluetooth, with a gadget in the vehicle scanning passers-by for Bluetooth enabled phones. Consumers can elect to downlaod spots related to the ads.

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