A blog worth reading

The great, great majority of the blogs I have seen on digital signage are a little too self-serving to spend much time reading, as they either overtly or more subtly trying to plug their own pots and pans.

I even saw one yesterday that seemed like some weird auto-generated spam blog thing.

There are exceptions, notably the one Bill Gerba of Wirespring writes. A buddy of mine, Rob Gorrie, has also started banging out his own observations and rants on the scene, coming at it from the trained and experienced viewpoint of a marketer.

Toronto-based Gorrie calls it Advertise Here! And Here! And Here! … and he’s off to a good start with it. Have a look.

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One Comment on “A blog worth reading”

  1. Rob Gorrie Says:

    ack! publicity! damn…and here I thought the net was private and pseudo anonymous. Great seeing you last night Dave and great chats. See you next month!

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