Talking signage at PJ’s

My boss, Stu Armstrong and I, fought our way downtown last night to hit the Artisan Live-initiated social evening for the industry in Toronto.

The servers on the staff at PJ O’Brien’s have lovely Irish accents and they found Harp for me quickly, bless them!

A good start to what I hope indeed turns into an entirely informal monthly gathering. No speeches. No demos. Just yakking.

Some things I learned …

There’s a new solution provider in town called Advision Systems Corp., based out in Markham. Paul Olechowski, who manages sales and marketing, said they have been at it for awhile and are starting to get some traction.

Mike Palmer has been selling these very cool little OLED shelf-edge “micro-signage” screens for at least a couple of years, and these DigiCharm gadgets are starting to take off. Manufactured in Montreal (I stupidly assumed China), the teeny screens are meant to catch the attention of passersby who are more conditioned to seeing crappy little paper or plastic price labels. Mike, who I bump into at trade shows, told me sales impact numbers from these things that were staggeringly good, but he can’t yet release them for public consumption as a test is still in field.

And I met some of the people my friend Stephen Ghigliotty, ex of Digital View, freefone and agency world, is pulling together for ScreenVox, a new agency that will start with a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to digital screens.

Thanks to Kris and Raji for organizing the event, and for buying the nibblies! See you in March!

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