Microsoft does massive Vista brand immersion thing at JFK airport

Picked this up off of a digital content creation blog that apparently doesn’t do text wrap (story was about three screens wide). Anyway, it was about a massive installation revealed last week in the American Airlines baggage area at JFK Airport in New York.

“Imagine being immersed in an HD animated computer display nearly as long as a football field as you walk down the American Airlines terminal arcade at JFK. To introduce Microsoft’s Windows Vista OS, experiential design specialist Tronic, New York City, created a 60 computer-animated, immersive digital branding experience that plays across 230-feet on 40, 70-inch plasma screens, which debuted for the Vista launch January 30th.

Tronic was commissioned by Interpublic Group’s McCann Worldgroup / MRM Worldwide, San Francisco, to create high-definition CG content for the 40 giant screens, a key element of Microsoft’s global marketing campaign for Vista. Given little more than a month to turn the project around from concept to HD masters, Tronic developed the creative not only for JFK, but for use on a Times Square jumbotron, as an HD theatrical spot, a digital billboard on Sunset Boulevard (Santa Monica, CA), online streaming banners, and as an animated subway flipbook.”

“… Walking through the giant plasma displays at JFK’s American Airlines terminal one is surrounded by a continuous loop of colorful HD CG animation. The kinetic spot opens with “The WOW! Starts Now,” then the Vista logo drops into view and rapidly extrudes into a myriad of representations of icons, page views, applications, folders, navigation, search and security sequences, climaxing in a cascade of colorful 3D Microsoft logos as if filling a candy jar.

“We wanted to create an elegant panorama of the user experience showing a glimpse of everything available through your computer with Vista,” said Vivian Rosenthal, Tronic’s co-founder. “3D animation was key to communicating the prominence, elegance and physicality of the Microsoft logo, and in general the operating system, and so the logo extrudes to reveal its many dimensions, from navigation, to media player, to search and finally, security functions, all of which are featured in vignette treatment.”

An installation with 40 big-assed plasmas is a very serious installation – I’m guessing $250K to put it in and the same amount for project management and content creation … at least. Then again, a Super Bowl ad costs five times that and its gone in a matter of seconds.

Ironically, and this is the stuff that makes Mac people smile, the Microsoft ads were all produced using Apple gear.

You can watch a video of this on the Tronic website.

I like this a lot because the scale of this thing undoubtedly dominates the baggage area at JFK, and makes some of the lonely single screens parked above baggage areas in places like Toronto’s Pearson Airport look a wee bit pathetic. THIS is where I think the big out-of-home guys are going with digital signage installs. They have the financial muscle to put a half-million into a project without even blinking.

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6 Comments on “Microsoft does massive Vista brand immersion thing at JFK airport”

  1. Rob Gorrie Says:

    Hey Dave,

    Was thinking. A blog or YouTube section that you can post videos of all types of Digital Signage content/interesting sightings would be pretty beneficial to all – both supplier and buyer. Gives everyone an area to point to cool stuff. Do you know of one that exists? If not, want to get one going?


  2. screenmedia Says:

    Appears you have done so even WITHOUT my blessing ;-]

    Good idea


  3. Nicky Says:

    I was at JFK Airport and havent seen that there! is there another besides the one in New York?

  4. Dave Haynes Says:

    JFK has 8 operating terminals and this is apparently in the American Airlines one, if that helps


  5. Rob Gorrie Says:

    well come ON man. I waited a full 24 hours for a response and got no love! 🙂

    Hope you can contribute – I know you get fed tons of this stuff…although I find it quite funny that I’m having a hard time tracking down “video” examples of a medium that is supposed to be so rich in content…everyone shows of their wares in still images!

    Shameless self promotion goes here: Video archive on “Advertise Here!”: Got video of good or bad digital signage content? Drop me a note in comments!

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