This sort of thing doesn’t help …


The photo above was sent in by an industry colleague, who was disheartened to come across this in a sports arena — location and operator withheld as there’s no great thrill in kicking people and companies around.

All but one of the screens was not working, and one was tastefully protected with clear plastic and bright yellow duct tape. If you are going to cover up a stainless steel housing, AT LEAST use plain old gray duct tape!!!

“All (their) screens in the bathrooms were numbered on the side with a Sharpie marker to add to the elegance of the units,” my friend added.

Sure, we all have screens that have conked out here and there, but my buddy said this was seriously bad … and wondered how the heck media planners and brand advertisers are supposed to get excited about this stuff when this is what they encounter in a prominent venue.


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4 Comments on “This sort of thing doesn’t help …”

  1. Fastman Says:

    Two Words … “Aim Higher”

  2. Stephen Says:

    Oh my. Awful.

    Why wouldn’t P&G sign up for ads in the playlist?

  3. Josh Coffman Says:

    Wow, that bathroom reminds me of the main room in the movie Saw II!

  4. […] bad location decisions, abused signs, etc.  It’s part of the learning process.  As Dave Haynes pointed out back in February, those of us who are proud of our industry hate seeing things like […]

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