More detail on Microsoft brand immersion at JFK


It turns out that brand immersion thing I wrote about recently at the American Airlines terminal at New York’s JFK Airport is an effort put together by out of home giant JCDecaux.

The Decaux website provides more detail on what it is all about:

Terminal 9, American Airlines’ newest and largest hub, is now home to a complete digital showcase sponsored by Microsoft. The campaign, which dominates the tunnel connecting travelers from AA gates to ticketing and baggage claim, provides complete coverage of both arriving and departing passengers – immersing them from point-of-entry to exit in an exclusive, high-impact digital experience.

Travelers are first greeted with banners hanging above the escalators as they descend into the passage; once underground, their attention is drawn to 70-inch digital screens lining the walls on both sides of the moving walkways.

There are 40 screens total – 20 on each wall, divided into four areas of five screens – integrated with a unique, high-quality sound source that is synchronized with the moving digital content on the screens.

In addition to the screens, all walls, end caps and escalator wells are blanketed with Microsoft creative to completely envelop passengers and promote the company’s message.

It looks very impressive and I would love to see it. The installation is for two years and the content will be changed out quarterly. My guess is Microsoft would have first rights at renewal after two years, and would want to carry on.

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3 Comments on “More detail on Microsoft brand immersion at JFK”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Brilliant! It goes beyond signage to become art installation. I want to see it myself also. Maybe it is time for a trip home to do just that.

    As these types of deployments become more common, the aggregate creative and media packaging opportunities grow to limitless. How about a gallery of great impressionist art sponsored by Chanel for the month of May, every night, or maybe just Tuesdays.

    And what about a welcoming messaging for a large metro event such as a political party convention, followed up four days later with the farewell spot.

    Kudos to JCDecaux for doing what looks right and I suppose we should thank Microsoft even though they don’t need it.

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