Industry event set for Montreal in late March

What is probably the first fully organized event focused on the digital signage industry in Quebec is now set for March 28th in Montreal.

The JADN.TV show is being staged in the tower of the Olympic Stadium, organized by Arsenal Media, a suburban Montreal content strategy and production company that is increasingly active in this space.

JADN translates to Journee de l’affichage dynamique numérique, if you were wondering. Google translates that as “Day of numerical dynamic posting”, but what it means is dynamic digital marketing.

I am going, and will do an overview of where the industry is at and going. I will not torture anyone with my French, though much of the day will be French as the first language. The price appears right, particularly when compared to what some of the events are dinging attendees. This one is $275, and for you foreigners, that’s in our colourful Canadian currency ;-]

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One Comment on “Industry event set for Montreal in late March”

  1. […] 17th, 2007 I spoke with Denys Lavigne, who runs Montreal’s Arsenal Media and is behind the digital signage show set for there in a week and […]

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