Mixer tomorrow night

A reminder that the monthly mixer kicked off by Artisan has round two tomorrow night in Toronto. The weather forecast is calling for lots of snow, freezing rain, or just rain, so we’ll see if the pilot for the company chopper wants to get me there or not. Hopefully, the warnings don’t turn into an actual mess and there’s a good crowd.

On the plus side, spring is on the way – the flowering trees are starting to bloom in Charlotte, NC, where I was yesterday.

Details on the mixer 

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One Comment on “Mixer tomorrow night”

  1. With regards to last weeks Digital Signage Social Club (WOW that sounds like you should wear a tie) at Alice Fazooli’s I decided it was best not to cancel in the event that the few gang-members located in downtown Toronto still planned on attending (or needed a place to stay to wait out the traffic). In the end, that wasn’t a bad idea as a few die-hards made appearances.

    I encourage another person/organization *WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE* to pick a date and location for April. Last weeks RSVPs numbered 45-50, and was sure to be a great group again, until Frosty decided to relieve himself on the GTA. Drop me an email at kris.m@artisanlive.com if you are interested in either attending or playing host/organizer of April’s gathering.

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