Big-ass video board reaches border traffic

This I like.

A company called Border Billboard is putting big combo video screens and tri-vision conventional billboards right above the drive-through border gates at the U.S.-Mexico border, pointed right at the endless line-ups of cars waiting to pass from Mexico into America.

 The company has a pair of big boards at San Diego, where there are 24 lanes and therefore gates with customs people checking passports. That means 4.3 million people a month, and precious few of them get to drive right up and through. Most inch their way up to the gate, I suspect.

There’s another board at Laredo and one coming at El Paso.

The company just did a deal with SeeSaw Networks to have them sell adds into the hispanic market.

The press release today desrcibes how: “Thousands of drivers and passengers waiting to cross the border are entertained by the larger-than-life LED video boards with 1 billion colors, two ticker displays and a 140-degree horizontal viewing angle, for an average of two hours. The billboards’ advertisements incorporate video, audio and text messaging, allowing people to respond to ads via their cell phones and communicate with each other. “

“For example, two cars full of friends coming back from a fun-filled weekend in Tijuana, separated by hundreds of cars, can send a text message to the billboard telling them to meet at the McDonald’s across the border.”

This business is not just about total eyeballs, but having millions of reliable eyeballs that have nothing else in view has got to be a good thing for media planners.

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One Comment on “Big-ass video board reaches border traffic”

  1. Eskimosik Says:


    What do you think about this? When it happens?

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