GlobalShop: News from the front


Ok, so maybe not much news. Booth traffic wasn’t overwhelming but enough so that the bungee strap was lashed on me and I could not wander off to check things out.

spinner.jpgWho’s here?

Companies: Digital View (rah-rah!), Reflect Systems, 3M, Wireless Ronin (big presence and those women again with the latex or something body suits), some company called Redboxx (will have a look tomorrow), Convergent, another called Samar that is right beside us but not sure what they are up to (no good, I suspect), Stratacache, Symon, Nanonation, MTI, InLighten and RDM.

People: the omnipresent Lyle Bunn (Alchemy) and Jeff Porter (Scala), Graeme Spicer from DW+ Partners, Raji and Kris from Artisan, large posses of Wal-Mart and Nike people, many people wondering why no one in this section was giving stuff away.

What people wanted to talk about: small screens, right at the shelf

What they really want: battery powered screens (me too, but they want a small screen but need untethered power the size of a bar fridge)

Best thing I saw all day: some company across the way, with a tent, selling something, but with a regular show featuring an aerialist spinning and hanging above it all. NOT an ounce of fat on that girl   ;-]  

Tomorrow, I sneak off and see what some people are up to.

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2 Comments on “GlobalShop: News from the front”

  1. hp akkerman Says:

    Did you already spot any interesting trends/concepts in content for retail signage or is it mostly about hardware?

  2. screenmedia Says:

    Hardware, hardware, hardware … though there are more companies, like Retail Entertain Design, doing tailored content for retail … ambient, but sponsor-driven stuff that is rev-shared with the retailer

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