GSBC sends me crap I didn’t ask for after phone call I didn’t have

This was in my Inbox tonight … twice.

“Further to our recent telephone conversation regarding the above, I write to firstly thank you for taking the time to speak with me and expressing your interest in the media-tech company Global Satellite Broadcasting Corporation, who are about to be taken public onto the US before the end of this month, by the global investment banking firm Paragon International Placements Ltd and as their authorised marketing agents, Apriva Marketing Co Ltd is delighted to be working alongside Paragon International Placements and are honoured to have been given the task of creating global market awareness regarding both Paragon and the imminent listing of GSBC.

As I explained in our telephone call, Paragon is currently working with a media technology company called Global Satellite Broadcasting Corporation that will be listing on a major US Stock Market by mid-March. Paragon is now at the final stages of its first round of financing for GSBC, making this a one-off pre-listing opportunity available only through Paragon International Placements Ltd.

For the uninitiated, this is the company few have even heard of, but is doing everything it can to ratchet up valuations – including some rather aggressive, one might even say wild-assed, revenue projections.

It’s not a bunch of fun to see years of work to legitimize this space, done by a bunch of good people, corroded by evidently shameless stock promoters.

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13 Comments on “GSBC sends me crap I didn’t ask for after phone call I didn’t have”

  1. justme Says:

    well I don’t think it’s GSBC that is sending you this crap but some guy who is trying to make money on selling GSBC stock.
    when you get spam for VIAGRA, do you think it’s PFIZER sending you the e-mail…???

    really now.

  2. screenmedia Says:

    When I get spam for Viagra I know it is a counterfeiter.

    When I get phone calls and emails from these guys I can go online and CONFIRM in press releases that Paragon is officially acting on GSBC’s account.

  3. Andreas Says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I bought some shares of GSBC from Paragon International Placements ltd, but for three months now I did not received my certificates.
    I want to know if really this company is the official indermidiate to sell on behalf of GSBC the shares, since is going public very soon.

    Do you think that this company is a fraud company?


  4. andreas Says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Can you tell us if Paragon inernational Placements ltd is an existing company, registered and appointed by GSBC to act on their behalf?


  5. Andreas Says:

    May I have an answer please on my requests dated 6th and 9th July 2007?


  6. Dave Haynes Says:


    I looked up Paragon and they would appear to be a real company. I’m not quite sure how you get the idea I’m supposed to be doing due diligence for your investment interests. If a doofus like me can look up SEC filings, etc, I am sure you are more than capable.

    I will let people make up their own minds as to the legitimacy of GSBC. I just find their claims and plans to be wildly enthusiastic.

  7. adult japan tv

    GSBC sends me crap I didn’t ask for after phone call I didn’t have

  8. brandy Says:

    GSBC/Paragon is a boiler room scam/ complete fraud. I have the evidence. If you have bought shares through Paragon, report it to the police and let’s bring these guys down

  9. ita west, Says:

    I’m just about to buy shares from Baragon please supply me with the evidence that these people are a comple fraud.
    Thank you.

  10. Kevin Ratlou Says:

    i have been recieving calls from Paragon International Placements based in Hong Kong to buy shares worth US$15.000. The guy who has been calling me non stop is called Mark Paine (British accent). I have my doubts about this, because it seems too good. The shares are currently going in at $5 and the company will soon b e listed on HKSE and the NASDAQ with shares retailing at $10-$15. I am from South Africa. Is this a legit company? Is there a builing called International Finance Building in Hong Kong (thats their physical address).

    • Shahin Says:


      Same here, from South Africa too. Started getting these calls shortly after registering on
      Mark Shannon called me and also a british accent.
      They looking to push a Company called Touch Media, which may be a real company but they may not be authorised to represent Touch Media.

      Anyway if I dont understand it, I dont buy it. If it isnt a referral from someone I know, then I am not interested.


  11. brandy Says:

    Do not under any circumstances buy any shares from Paragon: this is a boiler room scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is!

  12. nfirst69 Says:

    all about gsbc and the mastermind behind it.
    and the new stuff he is working on. beware he is not done.

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