Wireless HD on the near horizon?

It is usually a good idea to have one of those defibrillator units nearby before cracking open a nice, crisp quote from an installer to run some kind of video cabling to screens all over a venue you’re about to get digital sign’d.

If you’re not used to seeing the big numbers, somebody’s going to be standing over you rubbing paddles and yelling, “CLEAR!”

So news that some gadgeteers are working on, and getting investment money for, a wireless solution for distributing HD is a good moment for most of us.

Display Daily is reporting that the venture arm of Motorola just took an equity investment position in Amimon Inc.,  an Israeli company that is working on something called Wireless HD interface technology, or WHDI.

According to the article, “The WDHI solution uses a 20 MHz channel, delivering 1.5Gbps, enough to carry 1080i. To get to Full-HD, the company said channel bonding, (permitted in the US) can create a 40 MHz channel that will deliver 3Gbps for 1080p. As much as 80% of the Amimon approach is based on core 802.11n technologies, a 5GHz radio with OFDM modulation and a 4×5 MIMO antenna arrangement according to the company.”

Video nerds can decode that, but what I get out of it is that it can theoretically deliver 1080p — which is really high quality HD.

The signal gets sent on the same general 802.11 spec as wireless networking signals, with a range as wide as 100 feet, with little or no latency (hiccups). I saw some wireless video at CES and got the sense from booth visitors that they were unimpressed by the stability of the signal. I know other guys who’ve tried wireless video in the field and been disappointed.

This might be a whole other thing, though, with the gear priced at $3K — but that’s a bleeding edge number that would come down a lot with industry adoption and time.

This is evidently aimed at the residential market so who knows how applicable it might be in big retail. It would be nice, though.

Then again, you’re still probably paying an electrician to bring you power to your displays.

So maybe have paddles handy anyway.

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One Comment on “Wireless HD on the near horizon?”

  1. Rob Gorrie Says:

    I’ve always wondered why people see the 802 spec as the most effective wireless delivery channel.

    UWB (Ultra Wide Band) is way more reliable and can be broadcast through walls with really high transfer rates…never tried it with video though, so I’m talking out of my arse comparing it to this

    I guess it’s just another betamax

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