Cisco opens up about its offer

James Bickers has a piece in his Digital Signage Today news site on the interview he did with a senior Cisco guy.

Thomas Wyatt, director and general manager of Cisco’s Digital Media Management division, leaves the strong impression this is far more than an interesting little sideline for the networking giant.

“There are quite a few vertical industries that have expressed interest. Our challenge right now is scaling and focusing, quite frankly. But if we look at financial services and retail, those are the markets that tend to have not only the biggest part of the addressable market but also the biggest need to move quickly.

We’re making a big bet overall on enterprise video. We’ve introduced four new markets, all of which we believe have billion-dollar potential over the next five to seven years. Those are video surveillance, telepresence, desktop video and digital signage. Cisco is making a very big bet with this — as big a bet as we made with the acquisition of Scientific-Atlanta.”

The Tivella box is impressive – small, light, supposedly capable of 1080P HD, and set up with HDMI out. It’s a streaming device so there’s all kinds of networking gear needed to give a client high quality service, and that’s where Cisco will really aim to make its money.

You can poke around on the Cisco site, which also now has data sheets and bumph about their gear.

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One Comment on “Cisco opens up about its offer”

  1. Josh Coffman Says:

    Cisco also has some videos on Youtube, overviews provided by the Product Manager:

    Cisco Digital Signage Application
    Cisco Digital Media System (Do these look old or what? The DME encoder looks like an oscilloscope, haha!)

    Not very compelling and nothing particularly unique in those videos, but the box does seem to be quite capable.

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