Reminder: Next Toronto industry mixer is Wednesday

Just two more sleeps, kids, until the next Toronto industry mixer.

This one is April 4th, from 6 on. The host this time is Digital View Media.

Place: Six Steps, a new restaurant and bar in downtown Toronto that I am told is great. If it isn’t, the person who recommended it will have a wholly unfair photo posted here. We have the basement bar allocated and I’ll order some nibblies.

Address: 55 Colborne Street, south of King, east of Yonge (really close to the Feb. mixer location)

Please come by and let industry colleagues know about it. As a reminder, this is a completely unstructured thing that allows people to get together and swap stories and trade cards. No speeches. No presentations. No demos.
The first couple were organized by Artisan Live and the hope is a different company or individual will step up each month to ID a location, send out some invites, and maybe buy a few nibblies for the famished.

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One Comment on “Reminder: Next Toronto industry mixer is Wednesday”

  1. jeckhous Says:

    Hey – the Detroit contingent (I may be an army of one at this point) but we want to be included in the develping marketplace. I know there are other digigal OOH people out there – let’s do something!

    jeremy eckhou

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