Media Summit – The Word From Agencies/Buyers

Three fairly serious guys from the agency world sat on a morning panel to pass on their observations about our industry, the most vocal and senior of them Doug Checkeris, who runs the big media planning group, The Media Company.

He talked about the Good (people spend a lot of time out-of-home, they find signage useful and the things do indeed lead to unplanned purchases).

He mentioned the Bad (network operators stull fixated on the gadgets).

And he pointed out the Ugly (particularly the fragmentation of media and the lack of scalability).

All three of the guys went on at length about the challenge of being a media planner besieged by new networks that seem to pop up by the day.

Checkeris said it was as simple as looking at the amount of available hours in a day. He wondered how much time can be invested against a medium that is still very new and still lacking in measurement and content standards.

What would help, all three said, would be a central buying source representing multiple media properties. “The easier it is, the more likely it is to be accepted.”

That would have been music to the ears of companies like Adcentricity and SeeSaw, who are trying to roll up media properties to enable single source buying.

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