Google at DSE

Mark Mantha, Alchemy’s biz dev guy, managed to catch the presentation at DSE by Jim Lecinski of Google, which was not about digital signage but instead about his company’s Nine Notions of Innovation:

1 – Innovation – NOT instant perfection. Launch early and often- get to the market.
2 -Share everything you can – Information is KEY and powerful.
3 – You’re brilliant – we are hiring. Hire generalists that can speak to all areas of your organization. Specialists create silos.
4 – A license to pursue your dreams – Give people a choice as to where they would like to invest their time and thinking.
5 – Ideas come from everywhere – The Power of many wins.
6 – Don’t politic – use data. Consensus of data wins not power or hierarchy.
7 – Creativity loves constraint – stay in the sandbox and focus on direction/output
8 – Users and Usage are Key – Money will follow
9 – Don’t kill projects – morph them. Adjust or tweak and move on.

Here’s a slife show from Business Week (thanks to the MiniCom bloggers for finding that).

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3 Comments on “Google at DSE”

  1. […] to sixteen:nine who found it from the Minicom blog who found it on BusinessWeek’s website, there’s an […]

  2. Michael Says:

    I saw the presentation too. Fascinating.

    Of course when you have billions in the bank it is easy to say “when innovating, think not of sales, but think of user benefits – sales will follow”. I doubt many of us here have the luxury of being able to innovate while ignoring sales!

  3. Minicom Says:

    Thanks for the hat tip 🙂

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