A 120 inch LED TV


With the caveat that you get what you pay for, a Chinese company called AOTO was showing a 120 inch LED TV meant for indoor environments like malls.

It took RGB or DVI in, had a pixel pitch in the 6 range (meaning it looks OK from 20 feet back), and cost $40-$50K, delivery in 30 days or less.

The big guys like Barco have screens that cost quite a bit more, but you also get the engineering expertise, experience and quality that comes with the big boys. I bumped into Barco’s John Youngson, a Canuck now working out of Lost Wages, and he said business has been crazy good. Certainly the scale of the Barco booth, with several big LED boards and some cool floor stuff, suggested serious growth and prospects.

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3 Comments on “A 120 inch LED TV”

  1. Gulamali Gulamhussain Says:

    Dear Sir,

    We Like LEd Tv ………..Give Send Us a LED TV Price List……

  2. Magan Ubhakelawala Says:

    LED tv are the most favourite tv of the future

  3. Rajen Says:

    The newly released Shinoda’s Curvy 145″ Display is 1mm Thick and weights 16 pounds but does not seem to have great reviews.

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