A different Surface surfaces at InfoComm


There has been lotsa ballyhoo at Microsoft’s cool tabletop touchscreen gadget called Surface, which was released a few weeks ago.

I mentioned at the time that there were other companies doing that sort of thing, and I ran into one of them at an InfoComm booth.

Bruce Webster of Large Screen Displays, an LA-area company, was parked on a sofa and leaning over a coffee table doing all the shuffling and resizing of photos that has been one of Surface’s key whiz-bang features. Lots of people were coming by and asking if he was using a Surface device.

Webster said his company developed the code, which is essentially a touch-screen application that sits on top of the Microsoft Vista OS. While the Surface unit undoubtedly has many, many more features than this, it also costs north of $5K and uses an internal DLP projector system that will not have the lifespan of LCDs.

This one used a 45 inch plasma, typically rated for six years of life, and cost about $4.5K all in.

The table was just a side show for what Large Screen was humping at the show – table mounted screens with touch glass and software that enabled architects and engineers to view drawings digitally and manipulate them with a fingertip. Cool stuff.

The whole interactive screen thing was very prevalent at InfoComm, thought most of it was focused on whiteboards and projection systems.

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