Now Linux has a Surface-like gadget

After I saw a guy at InfoComm with his own small company’s version of the Microsoft Surface, I figured it wouldn’t take long for other developers to enter the space, including those not even using Windows.

Gizmodo has piece today about a version of a multi-touch interface developed in penguin code.

MPX or Multi-Pointer X is a modification of the X Windows Server that allows multiple input devices to be used at the same time. You only need a normal computer plus any number of keyboards and mice attached to use it. The system lets multiple users interact with one or various applications simultaneously. The software is still in development and there are a ton of bugs to fix according to (developer) Peter (Hutterer). However, it will give you a good idea about what you will be able to do. 

This sort of thing will make it a lot harder for Microsfot to peddle their gadgets for $5-$10K, as it grows more mainstream – though the Aussie developer admits the early iteration has heaps of bugs and is hardly ready for any commercial application.

What I found interesting was an interview with the developer, who said all the hoo-hah right now about Surface and much more with the I-Phone interface will calm down as people sort out what’s really useful, versus what’s just kinda cool to play with for a few minutes.

“And there’s also a difference between the latest craze people go for and what they actually would want to use. Maybe the “race for multi-touch” is over in a few months and the focus has switched to something else. At this point it will be good to review what technologies we have and why they succeeded or failed.”

I think this touch interface has a ton of potential in our space if done correctly. BUT, there’s one thing that bothers me everytime I see a nice, shiny glass screen: fingerprints.

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