Sharp testing ultra-skinny screen

Japanese electronics giant Sharp is “experimenting” with a new ultra-thin LCD panel — only 1″ thick, or roughly the same dimension as a framed poster print.

Gadget blog Gizmodo picked up on news from Japan and unearthed a few snippets from a press release all in Japanese script. Among them, a depth of no more than 29 mm (1″), a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and weight of 55 pounds. It doesn’t say how big the fella is, but the photo suggests 40″-plus.

We can also assume it is a long way from being a consumer product, and when/if it does ship, it will be stinking expensive.

This intrigues me for one key reason: while depth is no big deal for suspended screens, it does make a difference for wall mounted gear. I think anything that can be done to reduce the footprint of these things in retail and public spaces is good. Yes, you can snug things into hollows carved into walls or encase them in boxes, but a screen that hangs on a wall like a framed painting would be awfully slick.

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