Cool app in London bar (but bet a pint costs a FORTUNE)

My favorite gadget blog Gizmodo has a little hit in it about a hyper-cool cocktail spots in London that has gone over the top with digitally-driven ambient video.

The nightspot, called 24, has projection systems enveloping much of the wall space, and judging by some site photos, it is pretty spectacular.

London’s interactive bar, TwentyFour, promises one thing — if there’s a lack of feminine eye-candy, you can always pass the time by staring blankly at the ever-changing walls. The bar combines thousands of LED color combinations with walls that are, in fact, projection screens, creating one of the coolest bars I’ve ever seen. Apparently, bar-goers can even change and/or add their own images to the ever-changing environment, giving a whole new beauty to urinating on a wall, reports Gizmodo.

The coolest catch is the bar itself — which will summon the bartender when you lay your hand on it.

The Artisan Live guys did a nice with ambient stuff on tiled screens at Alice Fazooli’s in Toronto, but this is a whole ‘nother level.

This is pricey, high maintenance stuff, but it is also how I could see signage in bars really working well, even with spots that build ads into the ambient pieces.

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One Comment on “Cool app in London bar (but bet a pint costs a FORTUNE)”

  1. Bill Yackey Says:

    Just curious as to who writes this blog and what company the individual works for. Digital Signage Today is doing a review of blogs and I was just looking for that info.

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