New Via skinny PC slaps on back of screens

This idea is not all that new, but CPU maker Via has released a new ultra-skinny PC designed to bolt right on to the back of an LCD panel, using designed-in VESA mount holes.

The thing is only 1″ thick and 7″ by 11″ long, and weighs about five pounds. This would snug nicely behind most screens and would not require a third-party bracket to integrate with the VESA mount stuff.

One caveat: Via gear is definitely not Intel or even AMD quality or capability, according to most propeller-heads I know. The processors, as billed, are only borderline capable of running solid video and Flash, and there are questions around reliability.

So while it may fit nice, it may not be the answer for your rollout. Wouldn’t hurt to test one, however.

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One Comment on “New Via skinny PC slaps on back of screens”

  1. J Green Says:

    VIA has some interesting low powered ITX based boards however they are mostly used by hobbyist types and are not taken seriously to run anything mission critical. Not quite the performance you would require for high-end graphics or CPU/Memory intensive applications.

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