An all-in-one that makes sense

Taiwanese Panel PC maker Flytech has come up with a small form factor all-in-one LCD/PC that at least seems capable of dealing with retail digital media’s greatest villain – consumers.

Encased in stainless steel, protected by hardened glass and sufficiently sealed no amount of Mountain Dew or beer will get inside, these new units appear to have been built with our industry in mind — though they’ll also do well for POS and kiosk apps.

Spotted on the gadget blog Engadget, the K790 units come in 12, 15, 17 and 19 inches, and can have touch overlays added to them. Under the hood, the units have an Intel (yay!) chipset and can take up to a Pentium M and 2 MB of RAM — so they should be able to handle Flash files and high quality video.

They are all 4:3 ratio, which strikes me as goofy these days, but at smaller sizes it’s not a big deal.

The units are also NEMA-rated, which means they can take not just a little spill of soda, but pretty much someone using a pressure washer.

The simple and clean stainless steel enclosure also means it should stand up well to getting banged and scratched, something enclosures in powdercoating can’t match.

No word on pricing, but I’m guessing north of $1K. Would love to see one if Flytech would like to send me one … nudge, nudge … for a test drive.

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