LumenLab’s new all-in-one is one sexy beast


I have some fairly big reservations about large all-in-one units being put out into the wild for signage networks. But I must admit Asheville, N.C.’s-LumenLab has come up with something that is awfully attractive for high-end deployments.

The Q42, quoting the company website, “packs the power of a high-end computer and the beauty of a 42″ 1080P flat screen into an impossibly thin 3” aluminum frame.

Welcome to the world’s first luxury computer. The QTM computer transcends the state-of-the art featuring Lumenlab’s new HotwireTM PnP powerline networking technology, fanless 0db operation, 1TB of HDD storage, 2GB of ultra-fast ram and Intel Core Duo processors.”

The powerline networking and fanless features are very cool, as is the relatively skinny aluminum frame. Lotsa RAM and good Intel chipsets are smart. However, a terabyte of storage is probably overkill for most networks. The company says the aggregate meantime between failure is 60,000 hours.

The LCD does not appears to be protected, but this is being peddled as a high-end home theatre app. It would seem to be pretty easy to cover the front with a sheet of optical lens or anti-reflective laminate glass.

No word on price but assume adding these fellas into your budget will mess up the numbers in a big way.

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