Observations from DOOH investor show

Industry veteran Brad Gleeson of Planar has done a write-up in Digital Signage Today on the recent Strategy Institute conference in New York. The whole piece is here, and this is a snippet of his observations:

“… to me, the most interesting discussions of the event were clearly the panels and presentations from the money guys and gals who have either invested in various digital signage and new media start-ups, raised money or managed transactions to get them sold, or who analyze the performance of the public companies for Wall Street. The old adage is “follow the money” and these are the people blazing the trail with their support of digital signage/media start-ups and spin-outs.

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One Comment on “Observations from DOOH investor show”

  1. Bill Gerba Says:

    I was also at this show, and I can tell you two things:

    1. The stockbroker/Wall Street analyst types have no interest in anything that’s not doing a couple of billion. That means if you’re not Clear Channel, Lamar or JC Decaux, you’re not on their radar.

    2. VC’s have no imagination, so if you’re not looking for massive amounts of cash to build out your “innovative” advertising-funded network based on a prior, successful pilot, it seems they’ll not be too interested in talking with you either.

    There’s a lot of money floating around out there. But as usual, the people who have it are only willing to give it to those who don’t really need it.

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