JADN event in Montreal draws good crowd

I have been in Montreal much of the week, but will be hopping on a plane as soon as I exhaust the Air Canada lounge of free, cold Kilkennys.

Arsenal Media’s JADN mixer was very well attended, and the guy who runs Show and Tell Productions in New York did a very solid presentation of best practices in content design. I was too stupid to take notes, and on reflection, it would have ruined my ability to hold a glass of wine anyway. So I am hoping to get a copy of Phil Lenger’s presentation (he promised), so I will pass along a summary.

The very short version: if your content sucks, your network will struggle.

There were probably 60 people in the crowd, pretty much all of them in what is a very active industry community that English Canada has pretty much stayed out of. Content shop Arsenal Media put this one on, and the company runs things like a micro trade show — with signage, sponsors, and the whole neuf … ummm … yards.

Meanwhile, the folks in Toronto choose a bar, ban speeches and guilt a rotation of regulars into pulling out their plastic to buy nibblies for everyone.

Personally, I like both formats … as the Montreal event has a focus and a good speaker, while the Toronto mixer allows way more time to just hang out, talk and trade business cards.

Arsenal has another one set for January. I missed the Rob Gorrie-hosted Toronto mixer on the same night, but assume it came off with only a handful of arrests and 911 calls.

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