Something to make your crazy-cheap clients tingle

The logic behind buying the cheapest screens and PCs possible to run out a screen network defies me.

Save now. Pay over and over and over down the road.

But those people, while fewer in numbers than us poor sales slobs were enduring a couple of years ago, still exist. And they will be positively twitchy with glee over word that Wal-Mart is coming out with a $199 PC to pair with that $700 flat panel they can get from some Taiwanese guy out in your local industrial parkland.

By all evidence, as detailed in Gizmodo, it is a piece of crap. But it’s also $199, or $195 or so in my suddenly muscular Canadian funny money.

The unit is a full-sized tower, even though much of the case is empty. Seems the target market of first-time PC buyers wouldn’t be able to get their heads around a small form-factor box.

The units come loaded with Linux Ubuntu (good), but a Via C-7 CPU (wheeze) and notsomuch RAM.

I would pretty much refuse to deal with someone who wanted to put hundreds of these big old slabs out in the field, but you gotta know someone will.

And keep in mind Wal-Mart and Everex built these for grannies and people with limited incomes who’ll be thrilled to have email and word processing for $200 (plus a screen).

Wait ’til they find out that Intertube Web thing costs $20 a month. The thrill will be gone.

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2 Comments on “Something to make your crazy-cheap clients tingle”

  1. J Green Says:

    I tried to plug in it
    I tried to turn it on
    When I got it home
    It was a piece of crap

    I went back to the store
    They gave me four more
    The guy told me at the door
    It’s a piece of crap

    from Neil Young’s Piece of Crap

  2. Michael Says:

    The problem is that the via chip (and whatever chipset is on board for video) is very unlikely to be able to play any sort of proper video – forget hi-def.

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