Consolidation in Europe


Industry-watchers have been predicting more and more consolidation of 3rd party ad networks, and there’s more tangible news of that today from Europe — where Swiss-based Neo Advertising has acquired the Dutch start-up POSTV.

It’s a good fit, as Neo is strong in big box grocers (they call them hypermarkets over the pond) and POS has a big footprint in a leading Dutch hypermarket.

Says the press release:
POSTV operates the Dutch largest in-store digital media network with an installed network of 8,780 on-line flat screens in 205 venues. POSTV network currently reach over 6 million shoppers per 4-week periods, making POSTV the largest digital advertising network in the Dutch retailing. POSTV connects with shoppers by providing engaging entertainment content, relevant shopper information and highly effective advertising. POSTV network comprises leading nationwide retailers comprising MediaMarkt, Makro, T for Telecom and Vodafone. It counts amongst its advertising clients tier-one companies such as Canon, Gillette, Heineken, Nokia, Samsung and Unilever.

Before you fall over at the notion of 9,000 screens in the Netherlands, keep in mind part of that mix involves walls and walls of TVs with the same signal in electronics departments. Still, it’s a nice number to peddle.

Here is some video from a store.

Modest disclaimer: Neo is a client for me up here in the frozen wastelands, and globally for my masters.

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