Sharp now has a software solution

If you sell signage software and your guy at Sharp seems a little less enthused about partnering, it may be because he has his own new set of pots and pans to peddle.

There’s a press release out today, from the Middle East, talking about Sharp’s new e-Signage product.

Sharp enters digital advertising by launching e-signage Advanced high-definition LCD Information Display (IDP) enriches point-of-impact advertising Sharp Corp. Japan today launched e-Signage, a powerful digital advertising solution that is set to revolutionise point-of-impact advertising. Using special software and high definition LCD Information Display (IDP), e-Signage enables messages to be delivered to a series of displays through a single-point control.

e-Signage is targeted at shopping malls, hotels, banks, hospitals, transport hubs and other locations that require messages to be delivered with high clarity and cost-effectiveness, through a single control unit, instead of using a separate unit for each display. Network control is also supported.

“Businesses today spend huge amounts of money on advertising and marketing through traditional media, but forget the crucial point – the stores. This is where e-Signage comes in, influencing decisions and driving sales at point of sales,” said Tomio Isogai, Managing Director of Sharp Middle East FZE.

“e-Signage delivers content on state of the art LCD IDPs, and management software includes remote scheduling tools that allow the user to change content on a single display, a group of displays or the entire network at once, eliminating costs and lag time.” “Sharp has been an innovator in LCD technology for the past 34 years, and e-Signage is our attempt to transform digital advertising, by offering a tool to influence decisions and drive sales at point of sales,” said Mr. Isogai.

I can’t find anything in English on this, but if your Japanese is good you can read all about it here.

This is by no means the first panel company to get into the software. Samsung, among others, has software it bundles with its panels, if you want it. Generally, these packages are not all that powerful but will do perfectly fine for someone just trying to get a few things up on the screen in the corporate lobby.

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