Another Chinese IPO – this one for “Bus TV”

Were there any doubt where the real action is at in this space, another IPO plan has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a Chinese digital sign play you likely didn’t know existed.

Apparently the investment bankers did, and they’ve put together an initial offer they hope cranks $100 million for VisionChina Media Inc., which runs TV shows on buses.

Oh, did I mention that’s 33,000 screens on those buses in several Chinese markets. The IPO money will be used to expand that network even further, as well as to get the two-year-old company into some other digital platforms.

The footprint of this thing is impressive, and the plan either enlightening or mystifying, depending on how you look at the world. These guys make their money streaming regular TV shows in the buses, and selling time during the commercial breaks. Literally, TV on the bus.

Now I can only assume you get to watch only whatever is on at that time, and therefore whatever is considered popular with the majority of the great unwashed.

Pause for a moment to consider the delights of bouncing along on a cramped bus in some North American city, with nothing to do but watch Dancing With The Stars or The Biggest Loser.

You’ll find the story on CNN Money here. Could not find a website, though I am sure there is one.

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2 Comments on “Another Chinese IPO – this one for “Bus TV””

  1. JCF Says:

    Here is the website, only in chinese :

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