Spots? Schmots! We do masterpieces, buddy!

A new (I think) Las Vegas company says its content team is so damned good they’re gonna be cranking out masterpieces for the digital signage industry.

AzureFire expects to be rendering the sort of digital brilliance that art history majors will be discussing at the University of Mars many centuries from now.

” … If I were to make a prediction,” opined Daniel Huard, AzureFire’s Director Business Development, “I would say that AzureFire will do for digital signage what Vermeer did for the paintbrush and what Michelangelo did for a block of marble. We will move this entire media to another level by shaping it precisely in the form our clients need to maximize their own profitability.”


Now I must admit this is the sort of thing I might say for a laugh after about three hours of the 99 cent Margaritas at the Fremont — though I’m not sure I could pronounce Vermeer (or Azure) at that point. But I’m thinking, even then, it wouldn’t find its way into a florid news release.

That full release, one of the more, ummm, curious ones I have seen in a bit, can be viewed in its full glory here.

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4 Comments on “Spots? Schmots! We do masterpieces, buddy!”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I hear they’re hiring, but qualifications include being able to walk on water, advanced proficiency with Flash CS3 and the ability of turning water into wine.

  2. Michelangelo and Scala mentioned in the same breathless press release?

    Time to lower the dosage…

  3. MS Says:

    Pretty sure it’s impossible to make anything run by Scala actually look good, and I’m also pretty sure Vermeer and Michelangelo didn’t use templates to design!!

  4. Kris Says:

    I’ve seen better work in an Intro to Motion Graphics college class.

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