Wayfinding amid the retail canyons

My old boss Stu Armstrong, from what is now mysteriously dubbed EnQii, writes now and then for The Hub, a really solid print and online vehicle that serves as an idea exchange for marketers.

He has a piece in the latest edition, looking at the notion of using digital wayfinding to help consumers find their way around the big damn boxes. Now I know where everything is in Canadian Tire because I am the proud owner of a money pit home. But when I wander into other big box retailers I am utterly lost, and cranky.

Stu makes the suggestion that the loyalty cards many retailers now push on customers would be a great platform to interact with kiosks or screen stations around a big footprint store. Swipe it, and the thing can help you with where you are and what you are looking fruitlessly for, but also remind you what’s on sale, based on your buying habits.

“… these stations would be placed strategically round the store, ideally at end-caps or similarly prominent places. Obviously, it’s important to take are that the stations are easy to find and in no way impede the shopping experience.

That’s been a problem in the past, particularly in grocery stores, where “kiosks” typically have been positioned at the store’s entrance. Shoppers just breezed right past them, usually not even noticing they were there. Even if they did notice, they wouldn’t stop because the last thing they wanted was to slow down. As we all know, most grocery shoppers want to et in and out of the store as quickly as possible.

This idea is different because it re-positions he kiosks as a resource, and as such is designed to improve the shopping experience, to help the shopper – which of course helps build loyalty. Yes, it may slow shoppers down and keep them in stores longer, but in this case that’s a good thing. Most research I’ve read says that the longer shoppers are shopping, the more they buy!”

You can read the full piece here. 

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One Comment on “Wayfinding amid the retail canyons”

  1. Michael Says:

    But isn’t the idea that you cannot find anything designed to do just that, i.e. keep people shopping longer?

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