Strategy Institute event underway

It is noon here and a vendor has a mike inside the room, regaling the wonders of his solution.

So I am outside, and have time to bang off a post.

There is a good crowd at this thing — maybe 200 people, possibly more. There are most of the usual suspects here, but also some interesting name tags  from big companies  clearly starting to take an  interest in the space. Almost NO retailers, however.

Vendors include I-Gotcha Media from Montreal, Roku and Arbitron. There’s more, but that room’s over there and I am happy here on this couch.

Stuff that made me want to scribble notes (so far):

Channel M talking about a 40-hour playlist in the Ashley Furniture Store network it runs.  The stores need that kind of loop length or face staff insurrection from workers driven nuts by repetitive audio and video. That’s a nice production contract for Channel M.

ClubCom talking about the 80 million viewers it has monthly on some 2,000 networks installed in fitness clubs, and particularly how they got to that footprint with the CLUBS paying the capex AND a monthly subscription fee. That beats the hell out of fronting the costs and hoping to win it back in ad revenue, though ClubCom takes a piece of that, too.

Adspace talking about plans to double its network to 200 malls by this time next year and the fundamentals of advertising in what is essentially a glance medium. People don’t just stop to look at ads on vertical screens plopped on the mall walkways, so any spots, they say, HAVE to keep the brand on the creative for the full length of the spots. And the creative needs to be big, bold and “snappy” to even get noticed.

Jeff Jensen of Adspace related one campaign it carefully measured through intercept surveys and determined that at the end of various steps in measurement, 13 per cent of the people interviewed saw the screen, recalled a spot, went to that store in the mall, and made a purchase.

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One Comment on “Strategy Institute event underway”

  1. Carre Dawson Says:

    thanks for the frank comments on what is there and what isn’t there! would love to hear more of stats -data – etc!!

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