Strategy Institute: what the planners say

Basically, there’s too many of us and too few of them.

Too few planners, that is, according to the three agency people wheeled in this afternoon to fend off questions from network operators trying to tap into the budgets the planners control.

The key messages, which you have likely heard before:

DOOH is, honestly, considered in plans, like everything else.

Just because your media network makes sense for a brand doesn’t mean there’s money available.

Free, short-term tests with legitimate measurement will win favor because the risk vs reward is nice and low. They’re more likely to buy in if they have validated measurement data that proves the operators assertions.

If you get an audience with these people, don’t go nerd on them. They won’t get it and they don’t care. They assume it works, but don’t need to know how.

Pre-selling networks doesn’t resonate well, unless the network is ready to go. They feel burned and get cranky when they sell a client on an opportunity, and then the thing gets delayed but the deals or rollout are not REALLY done.

Focus on our strengths – day-parting, quick, cheap change-outs, regional zoning, cost reduction.

Mobile will be big, and it’s a good idea if your screens have some relationship with these devices (which everyone has).

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